Over the years, I have occasionally written some poetry, not as part of any long-term goal but simply whenever there was something that inspired me. I have only written a few short poems.

To me, poetry is about expressing human feelings. Poetry is able to communicate deep feelings that are extremely rich in content in just a few lines of text, feelings that would otherwise require perhaps a whole book if one had to fully explain them in prose. Poetry is based on a common cultural background and shared knowledge between the writer and the reader, which allows to express and transmit these feelings using very few words.

Poetry in English:

  • September 11th, around the year 4,600,000,000.
  • To see and to understand.
  • Depression.
  • Bad Poem.
  • Modern Capitalist Economy (translation of ''Treball corporatiu'')
  • From Marriage to Divorce (translation of ''De matrimoni a divorci'')

    Poetry in Catalan:

  • Treball corporatiu.
  • America the Beautiful, Memorial Day 2006.
  • Amor Particular.
  • Poeta Modern: del XV al XXI.
  • A la memòria del pare i els que el vau acompanyar.
  • Jewish Parade.
  • De matrimoni a divorci.
  • Arbre d'amor.
  • A la Doribel.
  • Guerra.