Jordi Miralda Escudé

Personal interests

Among my personal interests are:

  • Catalan culture, literature, music.
  • On Catalan medieval literature, I have a page on Ramon Llull , a prolific XIIIth century novelist and philosopher.
    In Catalan music, I have enjoyed especially the singers Raimon , Lluís Llach and Maria del Mar Bonet from the Països Catalans. These are singers of the generation of ``la Nova Cançó'', a group of singers who brought a political message to the Catalan-speaking nation (Catalonia, Valencian Country, Balearic Islands) during the last years of the Franco regime and afterwards, and helped to revitalize Catalan culture.

    Webpage of Lluís Llach , and Maria del Mar Bonet .

    Biography of another important Valencian singer, Ovidi Montllor .

    I like reading especially about:

  • History: my preferred topics are the origins of the industrial, scientific and technological revolution from XVth to XVIIIth centuries; Napoleon; Catalonia from XVIII to XX century; the Spanish civil war, Franco, and transition to democracy; and the history of African Americans.
  • Origin of life and natural history.
  • Space exploration.
  • Environmentalism.

    Interesting page for History of African-Americans: Black History .