"The SDSS-DR12 large-scale cross-correlation of Damped Lyman Alpha Systems with the Lyman Alpha forest", MNRAS, 473, 3019. - I. Pérez-Ràfols, A. Font-Ribera, J. Miralda-Escudé, et al. 2018.

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 This paper presents the measurement of the correlation of Damped Lyman Alpha Systems (or DLAs) with the Lyman alpha forest. The Lyman alpha forest is absorption by the intergalactic medium: basically speaking, the more absorption, the denser the intergalactic gas. This correlation therefore relates to how galaxies that were forming in the past (associated with the DLAs) are correlated with the intergalactic medium. On large scales, this correlation tells us an important information: the bias factor, which measures the strength of the correlation.